Come join us for a full sound immersion in the barn.  (10/19/2021 6pm-7:00pm) This magical experience will include setting intention and sharing sound in community.  We will hold the intention of growth and following our dreams.  Our sound experience will start with all of us receiving a sage smudge, setting our intention, and a full meditation guided by vibrations from such instruments as gong, rain stick, Native American drums, Tibetan singing bowls, windchimes, and more.  If you have never been a part of a sound immersion, now it is the time!  Some folks describe the experience as relaxing, rejuvenating, and a massage on a cellular level.  Come melt away all your cares and leave feeling renewed.  (All participants will receive a crystal and take home herbal tea to remember the experience and carry the energy with them.)

*Please note there will be oils, scents, and small amounts of smoke from burning herbs experienced during class.  The space is well ventilated, but may be uncomfortable for those sensitive to these things.

Sound Meditation at Red Barn Farm