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About Kerry:

Kerry is a trained herbalist that found her path to supporting others through healing with plants after a life long love of plants, and knowing they had much to offer beyond just their beauty.  Kerry looks to help bring balance to unbalanced body through the use of whole plant supplements, energy work, and sound.  This balance comes from adding and increasing energy, vitality, and overall health through the use of personalized herbal protocols, biologically based therapies, holistic nutrition, Shamanic guided Reiki, and sound therapy.


Kerry holds a degree in the Western Herbalism earned though the program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts under the direction of herbalist JoAnn Sanchez, RH AHG. She also holds certifications Shamanic Reiki,  Sound Therapy, and is completing her 200 YTT training.


Kerry believes taking a Holistic approach to healing and bringing nature and Her gifts into that healing process can truly enhance the wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.