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Got Stress? Get Kava Kava.

Who doesn’t have stress in their life this day and age? I’ll bet you’re really struggling to answer that question. Today’s world keeps us moving, shaking, and stressing about everything. Thankfully, there’s an herb for that.

Actually, there are a great number of herbs for that. One in particular is Kava kava, Piper methysticum. What makes Kava kava so special? This wonderful herb has the ability to relax the body while awakening the mind. In other words, there is a direct impact in reducing tension, anxiety, and even stress in the body but you don’t feel groggy, loopy, or stuck in a brain fog. That really sets Kava kava apart from it’s sister herbs.

A common use for this herb is to calm the nerves of speakers before presenting in front of large groups. Perfect use for an herb that is calming yet allows the user to maintain cognitive function. Often Kava kava is taken in group settings to enhance sociability and camaraderie.

On a more clinical level Kava kava has been researched greatly for it’s anxiety- relieving properties. It was discovered that Kava kava delivers favorable results without any regularly occurring side effects. In fact Kava kava seems to improve concentration, the opposite to the effects of many medications used to help reduce anxiety. These studies definitely support Kava kava’s ability to help with anxiety relief.

Kava kava is fairly easy to find at local health food stores and grocery stores with good herbal sections. It’s most often found in tincture form, which is a very suitable delivery system. It can be found as on it’s own as well as in many anxiety alleviating blends. As with all herbs follow the dosage strategies on the label and be mindful of any warnings. It’s always best to contact a local herbalist if possible.

Adding this herb to your stress relieving arsenal will help keep you moving and shaking, but with a little less stressing.


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