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Sometimes it's more than a crow being a crow

The animals around us are often very in tune to our energy and are great carriers of messages from spirit, creator, God. We all share the same energy, they have just held on to that connection better than we have. That connection can be reestablished once we shift our focus and rekindle our relationship with nature.

Have you ever seen a hummingbird when you’re having a really crappy day? Hummingbird medicine is all about finding the joy in life. It’s a symbol for accomplishing the impossible. The book Animal Speak by Ted Andrews tell us She “teaches us to find the miracle and joyful living from your own life circumstances.” Take that message back to your crappy day. Whatever has you in that state can be reviewed and a silver lining can be found, thus turning your whole energy around. The most beautiful and uplifting sound is that of hummingbird wings on the wind. That is the medicine of hummingbird.

As I write this my animal relations outside my window are all coming to be a part of this article. The squirrels are more vocal than I have ever heard them. A stellar jay has blessed me by flying to the tree branches outside my window singing a song only he can. A deer appeared at the edge of the yard. Since they have much to say, we will review their medicines.

Squirrels are typically all about being prepared and evaluating your energy usage. What do you need to prepare for, and are you preparing enough to truly reach your goal? Squirrels don’t hibernate. Instead they prepare for the winter by gathering and eating food to put on weight to get them through the season. Their focus on energy usage is critical when food is scarce, just as it is critical they use as much energy as they can to gather food when it’s available. Are you using your energy in the best way?

A small snippet I found, again in Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak, highlights the chatter of squirrels. It says they often seem to be reporting the latest news for all to hear. Seems to fit as I am spreading the news of their medicine. Believe me, the whole world must need to hear this as he was a bit on fire with his chatter.

Stellar jays are quite stunning birds. Beautiful creatures that are so dark blue they appear black until the right light hits their feathers. Their top feathers create a magical pointed crest on top of their heads drawing your attention. Stellar jays are a fairly new bird to me. I first saw one several years ago on the side of the road. He was so beautiful that I almost drove off the road. Since that time, he has been more of a constant messenger. These birds have a very powerful message. They bring a reminder that you are protected. They also symbolize love, self-appreciation, and fulfilling your calling. The stellar jay teaches fearlessness, adaptability, and survival. Powerful messages.

Now enter the deer. If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to have a deer appear in your path you are well aware of how magical they can be. Seeing them and sharing that moment brings up every fairy tale memory. The magic in the air is palpable. It’s no surprise that deer’s medicine is often centered around our inner child and the innocence and kindness around that space. Deer reminds us to be compassionate, gentle, and loving not just with those around us, but with ourselves. We are reminded to love ourselves as we did when we were children. True unconditional love.

As this article comes to an end, a silence sets in outside my window. From a distance I hear a crow sounding off. The final reminder of the magic of creation we hold and the ability to manifest magic within out lives. Sometimes a crow is just being a crow. Sometimes, it’ something much more.

(While there are countless numbers of resources available on animal medicine it is important to feel your connection to the animal that presents itself to you. Dig deep into your energy, your feeling, and what you are seeking in the moment. You will find the message meant for you. Many blessings to you along your journey.)


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